The Parent Infant Centre includes The Parent Infant Clinic and The School of Infant Mental Health

We offer a range of services, training, consultation and resources that support parents and professionals.

The Parent Infant Clinic

Where Parents Bring Their Concerns

Consultations now available by phone or Skype

We are a private clinic based in London, which offers parent-infant, child, adolescent and family psychotherapy.

We specialise in working with parents and their children with emotional disregulation including Autistic behaviours, Aspergers, ADHD, learning difficulties and other developmental concerns.

School of Infant Mental Health 

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Our London-based School delivers a UKCP-accredited training in parent infant psychoanalytic psychotherapy, plus a range of certificate and weekend courses. Our training is available nationally and overseas via distance learning. 


Infant Mental Health and Family Psychotherapy Services in London and the UK

At the Parent Infant Centre, we provide infant mental health services and support to children and their families across London and the UK. We’re specialists in autism, ADHD and other mental health, learning and development problems. The centre is run by Dr Stella Acquarone, a Child Psychotherapist who is recognised as a worldwide authority on infant mental health and has pioneered studies in early infant clinical research and development.

The Parent Infant Centre comprises of The Parent Infant Clinic and The School of Infant Mental Health, both of which are based in London and the UK. The Parent Infant Clinic is a private clinic which offers parent-infant as well as child and adolescent psychotherapy services for all types of behavioural and mental health issues. For professionals who work with infants and young children, the School of Infant Mental Health can help you further your professional development with a range of UKCP certified courses and training.

A creative approach lets us respond to a wide range of problems and helps foster a positive experience for children of all ages. This approach is based on over 35 years of clinical experience, study and observation on the methods that work the best.

Support Available Online

We recognise the importance of offering emotional support during this time of isolation.  We offer online psychotherapy services for children and families. To book a consultation or to discuss online therapy, please get in touch. 

Dr Stella Acquarone

Adult, Child and Parent Infant Psychotherapist

Helping children with early symptoms of the autistic spectrum has been Stella Acquarone's life's work. Her goal as the Principal of the Parent-Infant Clinic and of the School of Infant Mental Health in London is to help parents and professionals identify the early signs in autistic spectrum, for it is in these early stages, which can be seen as early as 3 months, when the greatest results can be achieved.

She is a practicing adult and child psychotherapist, having worked in the National Health Service on detecting early signs in the autistic spectrum and providing early intervention. She did this work for nearly thirty years before establishing the Parent Infant Centre in 1990 which today is recognised world-wide as an authority on how to assess, diagnose and treat at-risk babies with mental health problems.

Qualifications: Dr Acquarone has a PhD in Psychology and is a member of the British Psychological Society, the Association of Child Psychotherapists, The British Psychoanalytic Council, and the United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy, the National Association for the advancement in Psychoanalysis (USA) and the World Association of Infant Mental Health amongst others.

Dr Acquarone’s credentials include:
Research: pioneering studies in early infant clinical research and development, as well as in the autistic spectrum.
Teaching: training on infant observational studies and new clinical strategies in working with disturbed children, and lecturing internationally on all aspects of infant-parent development and psychotherapy
Literature: extensive writing on early detection of the autistic spectrum and on interventions in professional papers, journals and contributing chapters in many books, plus has written five books

We Believe in Parents

At the Parent Infant Clinic we listen to parents' concerns, fully aware of the importance of early support.

There are also times when parents themselves can be struggling emotionally.

We provide individual and group support to parents, parents-to-be and parents who have lost a child. 

Low-Cost Clinic

Are you concerned about your infant?
Worried about their sleeping or feeding?

Our Low Cost Clinic offers an assessment by an experienced parent infant psychotherapist and referral to a senior trainee who will work directly with you and your infant under close supervision.

The Clinic works with parents and infants up to the age of five.