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In 1990, Dr Acquarone founded the Parent Infant Clinic for Autism treatment UK in order to treat babies at the earliest signs of alarm. At the same time, she saw the need for increasing available autism treatment UK and began training professionals on the detection of the early signs of autism and so began the School of Infant Mental Health. The Clinic and School were pioneers in treating early signs of autism and the autism treatment UK has taken on international dimensions.

The Clinic was the first to develop a Special Child Focus: Intensive Family Intervention for Babies & Children with Pre-Autistic Behaviours.

Using a psychoanalytic approach modified for use with babies, Dr Acquarone based treatment on inter-subjectivity, communication, posture and sensory difficulties. Today, this psychodynamic work with babies is called “early intervention” and it is proving to be the big-bang event among parents and professionals.

In almost all cases early intervention gets better outcomes quicker because it unites clinical practice with therapy, medicine, social work, and the academic and research disciplines. It is a focused help using everything we know about neurobiological, physical and emotional development to make the presenting problem go away. A lot more is known today about exactly when and where to focus the intervention. This work has enabled many children to be mainstreamed into normal lives and schools and avoid the peril of having only autistic spectrum disorders schools as an option.

Whether with infants, babies, children, adolescents or adults, Dr Acquarone's entire career has been devoted to the early intervention. Early intervention occupies the powerful spot between acute care and prevention. When it comes to therapy, treating earlier is usually a better strategy than treating later. But there is a trade-off: the earlier the therapist intervenes, the more the therapist needs to know. That's why research and training never stop. And that's why the Parent Infant Clinic works hand-in-hand with the School of Infant Mental Health and why both support the work of the International Pre-Autistic Network.

A sculpture of "Mother / Father / Baby" stands in the front garden of the Parent Infant Clinic and the administration center for the School of Infant Mental Health, a leader among autistic , in that it provides continuing education and specialized programs for professionals working with autistic disorder spectrum. It’s main thrust is to teach professionals how to identify and treat the ‘early signs” so that these children can learn to live and thrive in the mainstream.

If you have a need for Autism Treatment UK, review our page on How We Can Help or call us for further information.

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