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The importance of fathers in child development and the understanding of challenges during fatherhood have been overlooked in the past. In line with psychological research, however, we believe that having a caring and involved father supports children in developing socially, cognitively and emotionally. 

Fathers' Support Group

Father and child

The Parent Infant Clinic provides two support groups for fathers: one for fathers-to-be and the other for fathers of children under 2. The groups give opportunities to gain further understanding of child development and parenting, and a place to share experiences or concerns of becoming a father.

These are new groups that will start in Spring 2019.

The groups run for a total of 8 sessions and are facilitated by an experienced therapist. Some sessions will be utilised to provide and discuss information about fatherhood and child development. This will be a safe environment in which to share concerns and hopes about the experience of being a parent.

The fee for each session is £20. Sessions will run at the same time each week.

Further support options can be explored, if a father would like additional help.

All fathers-to-be and fathers with children under 2 of age are welcome. 

If you are interested, then please contact 020 7433 3112 or email You will be invited to a meeting to discuss your participation to the group. A starting date will be agreed once the group is ready