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The Parent Infant Centre

Our North London Centre includes the Parent Infant Clinic and the School of Infant Mental Health.

The Clinic provides psychotherapy for children from their earliest months through to adolescence, including a special programme for the early signs of autism.

The School delivers training in infant mental health, including a UKCP-recognised professional training in parent infant psychoanalytic psychotherapy.

Our staff team

Parent Infant Clinic

Where parents bring their concerns

We are a private clinic based in London, which offers parent-infant, child, adolescent and family psychotherapy.

Our services include a specialist programme for children who show the early signs of autism.

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School of Infant Mental Health

Gain a skill or UKCP registration

Our London-based School delivers a UKCP-accredited training in parent infant psychoanalytic psychotherapy, plus a range of certificate and weekend courses. 

 Our training is available elsewhere in the UK or overseas via distance learning.

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Our help for parents

Parents know when their child is not developing as expected...There may be very clear signs such as poor sleep, refusal to eat, or clinginess. Or there may be more subtle concerns, such as a difficulty in soothing or bonding with your child.

At the Parent Infant Clinic we listen to parents' worries. Responding as soon as possible will help the child to reach its full potential.

After the NICU

We have had to postpone this series of three one-hour workshops for parents and their infants. Please check back for details of when it is to be rescheduled.

New from the Centre

SIMH Low Cost Clinic

Currently Friday mornings

Premature baby

Are you concerned about your infant? Worried about their sleeping or feeding?

The School of Infant Mental Health (SIMH) is pleased to offer a low cost clinic for parents who are concerned about their infant.

The SIMH Clinic offers an assessment by a qualified and experienced parent infant psychotherapist, with the possibility of being referred to a senior trainee who will work with the parent and infant under close supervision.

The SIMH Clinic works with parents before the birth and with infants up to the age of five years.

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Safeguarding Children

November 4th

Safeguarding children and protecting them from harm is everyone’s responsibility. Everyone who comes into contact with children and families has a role to play. There can be particular concerns for therapists and other professionals who work with families in which there are infants and younger children.

We are very pleased to welcome Gretchen Precey to conduct this one-day training. Gretchen is an independent social worker, trainer and consultant specialising in child protection. She has provided training nationally for child welfare professionals for the past 18 years.

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Open Evening

July 5th

Adult playing with child

Come along to our Open Evening to hear more about our training in parent infant psychoanalytic psychotherapy.

This is a fascinating and rewarding field of work, where early interventions help to promote the healthy development of the child. Our graduates work in private practice and a variety of early years settings. Our graduates are eligible to be registered with the United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy (UKCP).

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Train with us

Train in London or online

The School of Infant Mental Health delivers a range of courses, including our Diploma in Parent Infant Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy, a unique, UKCP-accredited training

Applications are now being accepted for the Diploma course which starts in Autumn 2017, as well as one-year certificate courses in Infant Development and in Psychoanalysis.

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