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Child and Parent Psychotherapy Services in London 

We believe in parents.

Parents know when their child is not developing as expected...There may be very clear signs such as poor sleep, refusal to eat, or being very clingy. 

Or a parent may have more subtle concerns, feeling that they have difficulty in soothing or bonding with their child. 

Play therapy

At the Parent Infant Clinic we listen to parents' worries, fully aware that responding as soon as possible brings about the optimum development for the infant.

A child's difficulties can affect the whole family, for that reason it is often important to work with the entire family.

Our help for parents

The Parent Infant Clinic offers a range of parent-infant, child and adolescent psychotherapies, including a specialist programme for young children who show the early signs of autism. We can also help parents-to-be to prepare emotionally for the birth of their child. Please see the 'Stories from real life' to see some examples of our work.

Contact us if you would like some further information or to arrange an initial consultation for you and your child.

If it is not possible to visit our north London clinic, then we may be able to give feedback based upon your home video recordings. See this article for a study that confirms the potential for trained observers to identify signs of concern from informal home videos.

Fathers' Support Groups

The Parent Infant Clinic provides support groups for fathers: one for fathers-to-be and the other for fathers of children under 2.

Father and child

Our groups provide an opportunity to gain further understanding of child development and parenting, and to share experiences or concerns.

These are new groups that will start in Spring 2019.

Having a caring and involved father supports children in developing socially, cognitively and emotionally.

The groups run for a total of 8 sessions and are facilitated by an experienced therapist. Sessions will run at the same time each week.

The fee for each session is £20.

Please contact 020 7433 3112 or email

More about the fathers' group