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Diploma in Parent Infant Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy

This is a unique four-year professional training in parent infant psychoanalytic psychotherapy. The course is based upon a sound psychoanalytic understanding and also draws upon learning from other key fields, such as infant psychiatry and the latest findings of neurological research.

This training is available in London or online, and is the only training in this field that can lead to registration with the United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy.

Why this course?

Parent Infant Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy recognises the crucial role played by early intervention. Early experiences exert powerful influences upon the way that infants become integrated and form attachments.

This training gives a sound psychoanalytic understanding, central to which is the trainee's personal therapy and growing capacity for self reflection.

This is a thorough professional training to become a psychoanalytic psychotherapist who works with parents and their infants. Graduates can become registered psychotherapists who are qualified to work either privately or within an organisational setting.  


Start date 
Next intake Autumn 2017; applications now being accepted.

The training includes four years of seminars, as well as 450 hours of clinical practice. Trainees with a previous relevant training can sometimes complete the seminars in less than four years; however, the clinical requirement may take longer.

In person at 27 Frognal, London NW3 1AD or remotely via the internet.

Time commitment
Core seminars are held weekly on Wednesday evenings. Attendance at other seminars may be required at various stages of the training. Trainees also arrange times to attend their own personal therapy and to complete infant and institutional observations.

£4,950 if paid in three termly instalments (or £4,500 if paid in full in advance)

Suitable for 
Trainees come from a wide range of backgrounds and professions. This is equivalent to a post graduate training and candidates should be able to operate at this level.


Year 1
Theory seminars: Infant Development; Psychoanalysis
Infant and institutional observations and seminars

Year 2
Theory seminars continue
Weekly observations and seminars continue

Year 3
Theory seminars continue
Clinical practice and clinical seminars

Year 4
Theory seminars continue
Clinical practice and clinical seminars continue

Beyond year 4
Supervised clinical practice and clinical seminars continue until the required number of hours are reached