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The School of Infant Mental Health


The School of Infant Mental Health offers a UKCP-accredited Diploma in Parent Infant Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy and one or two year-long Certificate courses.

Both the Diploma and Certificate courses can be taken in London or online from elsewhere in the UK or overseas.


Diploma in Parent Infant Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy

The School of Infant Mental Health delivers a unique professional training in Parent Infant Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy.

The training is based upon a sound psychoanalytic understanding and also draws upon learning from other key fields, such as infant psychiatry and the latest findings of neurological research.

The training includes four years of theory seminars, a two-year infant observation, institutional observations and supervised clinical practice. Trainees are required to be in their own twice-weekly psychoanalytic psychotherapy for the duration of the training.

This training is available in London or online, and is the only training in this field that can lead to registration with the United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy.

In some cases credits may be given for prior training.

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Certificates in Infant Mental Health or Psychoanalysis

The School makes some theory modules from within the Diploma training available as stand-alone one-year certificate courses.

These courses are ideal for ongoing professional development or to add towards a portfolio of training.

The following modules are available from January 2020 as stand-alone certificate courses:
Infant Development: The developing child, The family context, Early challenges
Psychoanalysis (Introductory): Introduction to Klein, Winnicott and object relations
Psychoanalysis (Advanced): Sexuality, The therapeutic relationship, Kleinian developments

Places are sometimes limited and are subject to demand and availability.

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Certificate in
Infant Observation

Observe an infant as she or he develops from birth and join one of the School's infant observation seminar, either in London or online.

The close and regular observation of an infant is recognised as a powerful tool in deepening an understanding of early development and of the roots of adult mental life. Infant observation groups give participants an opportunity to discuss these observations with the guidance of an experienced psychoanalytic psychotherapist.

Trainees find a mother and infant to observe for one hour a week. The observations take place in the infant's home and should start as soon after birth as possible. Guidance is given on how to conduct the observation.

Trainees meet in an observation seminar for 90 minutes once a fortnight.

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