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"Catching the early signs of autism"


An invitation to an Instagram Live with Dr Stella Acquarone


Friday 13th November 2020 8pm (UK-time)




Join us  to hear more about what can be expected from birth and how to detect the early signs of emotional distress.

Dr Stella Acquarone
Adult, Child and Parent Infant Psychotherapist

Dr Acquarone's life work has been helping children with early symptoms of the autistic spectrum. Since 1990 when she established the London-based Parent Infant Clinic and the School of Infant Mental Health, she has been helping both parents and professionals identify the early signs...which can be seen as early as 3 months. It is in these early stages when the greatest results can be achieved.

Today the services and training of the Clinic and School are recognised world-wide as an authority on how to assess, diagnose and treat at-risk babies with mental health problems.

Dr Acquarone is a practicing adult and child psychotherapist, and for 32 years she worked in the National Health Service on early detection and providing early interventions. She has a PhD in Psychology and is a member of the British Psychological Society, the Association of Child Psychotherapists, The British Psychoanalytic Council, and the United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy, the National Association for the advancement in Psychoanalysis (USA) and the World Association of Infant Mental Health amongst others.

Dr Acquarone's credentials include:
Research: pioneering studies in early infant clinical research and development, as well as in the autistic spectrum.
Teaching: training on infant observational studies and new clinical strategies in working with disturbed children, and lecturing internationally on all aspects of infant-parent development and psychotherapy
Literature: extensive writing on early detection of the autistic spectrum and on interventions in professional papers, journals and contributing chapters in many books, plus has written five books.

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